The Benefits of Installing a Reversing Camera in Your VE Commodore

reversing camera for VE Commodore

You may think that driving is a straightforward task, but when it comes to maneuvering your vehicle in tight spaces or backing up, things can quickly become challenging. However, there is a solution at hand that can make your driving experience much smoother and safer.

By installing a reversing camera in your VE Commodore, you can gain a whole new level of visibility and control. But that’s not all – there are even more surprising benefits to discover.

So, buckle up and prepare to explore the advantages that await you on the road ahead.


When it comes to parking in tight spaces or maneuvering in reverse, the limited rear view can make it challenging to accurately judge distances and avoid obstacles. Reversing your VE can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you’re dealing with restricted visibility.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that can greatly improve your rear view and make reversing much easier: a reversing camera. This specially designed camera is mounted to the rear of your car, usually above the license plate, and provides you with a clear view of what’s behind you.

While driving forward, you have the advantage of seeing everything through your windscreen. However, when you’re reversing into a parking space, your vision is hindered, making it difficult to navigate tight parking spots. Reversing cameras, also known as backup cameras or rear-view cameras, have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re available as aftermarket products and many new vehicles (and some VE Commodores) come equipped with them as a standard feature.

With a reversing camera, you no longer have to rely on guesswork or the help of a passenger to park safely. You can accurately judge distances and avoid obstacles with ease. Whether you’re dealing with a bulky vehicle, tight spaces, or unfamiliar surroundings, a reversing camera is a valuable tool that can improve your driving experience and give you peace of mind.

Greater Visibility

With a reversing camera, you can significantly improve your visibility of what’s behind your vehicle. Reversing cameras provide you with a much clearer and more comprehensive view of the area behind your car, making it easier for you to navigate and avoid any potential hazards. Depending on the brand and model, these cameras can offer a greater field of view and higher video quality, ensuring that you have a clear picture of what’s happening behind you.

Gone are the days of relying solely on your mirrors or turning your head to get a glimpse of what’s behind you. A reversing camera eliminates blind spots and allows you to see objects or pedestrians that may be out of your line of sight. This increased visibility can be especially helpful when you’re maneuvering in tight spaces or parallel parking.

Not only does a reversing camera make reversing your vehicle easier, but it also enhances safety. By providing you with a clear view of the area behind you, it helps you avoid accidents and potential collisions. You can confidently back up your car, knowing that you have a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

Eliminate Blindspots

To eliminate blindspots, a reversing camera is an essential addition to your vehicle, providing you with a clear view of what’s behind you. The rear-view mirror on your car can only show you so much of what’s behind, and even turning your head to look around while you back up doesn’t always help. With a reversing camera, you can see areas that are typically obstructed from your line of sight, such as low-lying objects, small children or pets. This added visibility can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and collisions while reversing.

By installing a reversing camera, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a complete view of your surroundings. Whether you’re backing out of a parking spot, maneuvering in a cramped space, or navigating through a busy street, the reversing camera allows you to see any potential hazards or obstacles in your path. With this improved visibility, you can make more informed decisions and react quickly to avoid accidents.

Today, after-market car reversing cameras are readily available, making it easier than ever to upgrade your vehicle. Campad Electronics can assist you in choosing the right camera and professionally installing it in your older vehicle, ensuring that you enjoy the same level of safety as newer models. Don’t let blindspots put you and others at risk; invest in a reversing camera today and enhance your driving experience.

Park With Confidence

Installing a reversing camera in your vehicle allows you to park with confidence, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of maneuvering in tight spaces. Reverse parking can be a daunting task, especially when you have to navigate in a small area like a parking bay or facility. Without a reversing camera, it’s easy to misjudge the distance between your car and nearby objects, increasing the risk of accidental damage.

However, with a reversing camera, you can have a clear view of your surroundings and park with ease. A reversing camera provides you with a live feed of what’s happening behind your vehicle, giving you a better understanding of your positioning. You can see if there are any obstacles, such as walls or other cars, that you need to avoid. This real-time visual aid allows you to make precise adjustments to your steering and avoid any potential collisions.

Reduce Accidental Damage

Reducing accidental damage is a key benefit of installing a reversing camera in your vehicle. Studies consistently show that a significant number of vehicle accidents occur while reversing, even at low speeds. Shockingly, one in every four accidents happens during the process of backing up. This poses a real danger, especially when children or pets are present, as they may not fully grasp road safety.

Even minor collisions, such as bumping into a wall or another car, can be a major headache when considering the costs of repairs, such as paint jobs. This is where a rear-view camera, specifically designed to prevent accidents, becomes a modern convenience that makes perfect sense. By providing a better visual range, the camera allows you to spot obstacles well before your car makes contact with them. This early warning system greatly reduces the likelihood of accidental damage.

With a reversing camera installed, you can confidently maneuver your vehicle in tight spaces, knowing that you have an extra set of eyes at the back. This added visibility empowers you to take necessary precautions and avoid potential collisions. By investing in a reversing camera, you aren’t only safeguarding your vehicle from unnecessary damage but also protecting the well-being of yourself, your passengers, and others who share the road with you.

Hook Up Trailers With Ease

With a reversing camera, you can easily and confidently hook up trailers, eliminating blind zones and ensuring a clear view of your surroundings. While large rear-view mirrors can provide a larger and clearer view of what’s behind you, they don’t always allow you to see everything when you’re hooking up a trailer.

Turning your head to look around may not give you a complete picture. That’s where reversing cameras come in handy. These cameras provide onscreen guidelines that help you gauge the distance from various objects in your path, making it easier to hook up a trailer.

By giving you a clear view of the area behind your vehicle, reversing cameras help eliminate blind zones as you back up. No more straining your neck or relying solely on mirrors. With a reversing camera, you can confidently maneuver your vehicle and trailer, ensuring a safe and efficient hookup process.


In summary, reversing cameras are a valuable tool that enhances safety and convenience for drivers, whether they’re on or off the road, towing a trailer or not. After-market reversing cameras, like the ones available at Campad Electronics, offer a range of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

These cameras provide drivers with a clear view of the area behind their vehicle, eliminating blind spots and reducing the risk of accidents when reversing. They’re particularly useful when hooking up trailers, as they allow drivers to easily align their vehicle with the trailer hitch, ensuring a secure connection. Reversing cameras also improve overall visibility, especially in low light conditions or when maneuvering in tight spaces.

Furthermore, these cameras can be installed on any type of VE Commodore, whether it’s a sedan, wagon or ute. Campad Electronics offers a wide selection of top-quality reversing cameras, including trusted brands like Gator. With their expertise and advice, you can find the perfect reversing camera to suit your needs.

Invest in a reversing camera from Campad Electronics and enjoy the added safety and convenience it brings to your driving experience.